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Badge-A-Mint 1800 Badge-A-Matic II Button Maker Machine PARTS ONLY

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As this item is being offered for sale as PARTS / NOT WORKING, Unless otherwise explicitly stated, the item offered for sale as PARTS / NOT WORKING is nonfunctional, may require specialized parts or service, or may never be able to be made functional again.

Due to lack of special expertise and corresponding equipment this device is UNTESTED. Therefore, this sale is for Parts or Not Working Only.

This device was powered on with the following notes from the testing technician: This machine powered on and the button controls were functioning; the pin press was functioning, as well. Although, due to the lack of pins... we could not fully test the functionality of the device.

Physically, this equipment has major scratches & scuffing from normal personal use along with labels and label residue, however, that does not affect it's functions! See photos for more details.

Badge-A-Mint 1800 (Beige: Badge-A-Matic II | Button Maker Machine) 

Does NOT Include:
Any Cords / Cables (excluding, the built-in power cable.)
Anything else not listed or pictured above.