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Fluke 92B Scopemeter Series II 60MHz

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This fluke scopemeter is in good physical and working condition. There's minor scuffing and marks due to normal personal use, however, that does not affect it's functions!

This scopemeter was powered on and tested with the following notes from the testing technician: This device has scratches on the display and there's hues on the edges, however, this does not affect the function of the device. This product was tested using our in-house power supply and machinery to test the compatibility and accuracy of the machine, which are NOT included in this product sale. See photos for details.

As with all scientific, measuring, or precision instruments, this device may need calibration or specialized maintenance prior to use.

Physically, this product has small minor scuffs/marks and scratches. However, overall this product is in good shape! See photos for details.

Fluke 92B Scopemeter Series II 60MHz
Connector Cable 
Testing Leads

Does NOT Include:
User Manual
Any Cords and/or Power Cables
Anything else not listed or pictured above.