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Ross QMD-X Octane Live Video Production Switcher w/ Card & PSU - LIMITED TESTING

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This item is guaranteed to be in a good physical condition with minor scratches and scuffs from normal use.

It was tested, with the following notes from our testing technician:
  • It Was plugged to main and powered on using each power supply individually with no issue.
  • the device pass the self test on each card with no problems. (no beeps or LED's errors Codes )
  • The Fans Work great.
  • a network connection was established with the device with no issues(LED's show Up Link and Data exchange).
  • no further test done on this items due to the lack of compatible equipment (HD / SDI Input Source )

Due to the limited testing this item is provided for sale as part / Not working.

As this item is being offered for sale as PARTS / NOT WORKING, unless otherwise explicitly stated, the item offered for sale as PARTS / NOT WORKING is nonfunctional, may require specialized parts or service, or may never be able to be made functional again.


  • 1x Ross QMD-X Octane Live Video Production Switcher
    • 1x QMD-X Frame
    • 1x Ross HD / SDI Input 4800AR-061A-1E
    • 3x IN Cards 4800AR-061B-01B
    • 3x Out Cards 4800AR-064-4E
    • 1x 4800AR-001-4E Controller card (with 160 HDD)
    • 2x Ross DSP & ST3D Carrier 4800AR-047A-04
    • 2x Ross Video Processor 4800AR-041
    • 1x Ross 4800AR-020-1D
    • 3x PWR SUPPLY 700W
    • 1x Hot-plug Fans Board
Does Not Include:
  • Manual
  • Charger
  • Cords / Cables / Accessories
  • Anything else not listed or pictured above