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Sony UVW-1800 Betacam SP Professional Videocasette Player Mounted For Parts

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As these items are being offered for sale as PARTS / NOT WORKING, Unless otherwise explicitly stated, the items offered for sale as PARTS / NOT WORKING are nonfunctional, may require specialized parts or service, or may never be able to be made functional again.

These Sony UVW-1800 Betacam SPs were tested with the following notes from the testing technician:
  • Betacam was powered on but has a mechanical issue and will not eject the tape.
  • Betacam displays error codes 02-494 and 93-000.
  • Has a really bad burning electronic smell after being powered on for a minute or so

  • 1x Sony UVW-1800 Betacam SP Professional Videocassette Player Mounted For Parts

Does NOT Include:
  • Power Supply
  • Cables for connection
  • Manual/Instructions
  • Anything else not listed or photographed