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Anton Bauer LP3 Vitec Videocon Cart Battery Performance Charger w/3 Batteries

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Operating Condition: Working
Physical Condition: Minor Scuffing/Scratches

Testing Notes:
Battery charger powers on
LEDs function as intended
Fan operates

Additional Notes:
Device was ran for an extended period of time to ensure optimal operating conditions
Battery life on all 3 batteries can not be guaranteed to be in good or bad health
Batteries held a charge and got to 100%

  • 1x Anton Bauer LP3 Vitec Videocon Cart Battery Performance Charger 
  • 3x Vitec Videocom Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries #38359943

Does NOT Include:
  • Original box
  • Chargers/Charging Cables
  • Power Supplies
  • Instructions/Manuals
  • Anything else not listed or photographed