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ATL Ultramark 4 Plus Ultrasound Imaging System 8500-0028-01 w/Access 10 Scanhead

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Operating Condition: Working
Physical Condition: Scuffing/Scratches/Residue

Testing Notes:
Device powers on by a front switch
Cart rolls with no issues
Boots up to image screen 
Buttons are responsive on keyboard and other screen above it
Knobs all do what they are intended to intially do

Additional Notes:
Scanhead works and rotates
Upon further inspection of the scanhead it has been leaking the fluid that is in it
Images read onto the screen through the scanhead
Able to adjust the brightness of the screen and balance out the quality
Sony video graphic printer prints normal and negatives with no issues
Able to navigate through all the menus 
Able to dual display images with no issues
Device was pulled from a medical training facility as part of a system upgrade, testing was done to the best of our knowledge as we are not a medical affiliated entity 

Due to size and weight, this item will be shipped via freight:

Pallet weight: 201lbs.
Pallet dimensions: 40Lx36Wx57H

  • 1x ATL Ultramark 4 UM4A Ultrasound Imaging Machine 8500-0028-01
  • 1x Sony Video Graphic Printer UP-870MD
  • 1x ATL Access 10 Scanhead
  • 1x Mounted Sony RM-91 Print Button for Sony Video Graphic Printers

Does NOT Include:
  • Original box
  • Other cables/attachments
  • Printing paper
  • Cassettes
  • Instructions/Manuals
  • Anything else not listed or photographed