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Beckman Coulter DU530 Single Cell UV/VIS Laboratory Spectrophotometer

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Operating Condition: Limited Testing/Error 24
Physical Condition: Minor Scuffing/Scratches

Testing Notes:
Device powers on and passes all tests except for wavelength calibration
Entered factory service menu via the default code 3210
Passed keypad test
Inspected lamp and bulbs and they didnt appear to be damaged or burnt out
Discovered the UV lamp is operational upon pressing the "setup" key and testing the UV lamp and the motor itself
The error code that pops up is 24: Monochromator can be caused by a dirty or defective lens
Cleaned the lens but did not pass the test still

Additional Notes:
This device was removed from a wokring environment and is not supported anymore by Beckman
Factory service menu code 3210 works and all menus are able to be navigated to test the device 


  • 1x Beckman Coulter DU530 Single Cell UV/VIS Laboratory Spectrophotometer 

Does NOT Include:
  • Original box
  • Chargers/Charging Cables
  • Power Supplies
  • Instructions/Manuals
  • Anything else not listed or photographed