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Medica Easy Electrolyte Laboratory NA+K+Cl Electrolyte Analyzer

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Operating Condition: Working/Untested/Sampler appears to have a issue
Physical Condition: Minor Scuffing/Scratches

Testing Notes:
Device powers on
Display is clear and vivid
Does not give any errors

Additional Notes:
Tested the pump and valve and both rotated fully
Device is shown as not calibrated, will need calibration and sanitizing before use
Problems were encountered when doing fluid diagnostics and the sampler was not picked up
Sampler was detected as open when it was closed
Does not print results
No further testing was done due to lack of expertise

  • 1x Medica Easy Electrolyte Laboratory NA+K+Cl Electrolyte Analyzer

Does NOT Include:
  • Original box
  • Chargers/Charging Cables
  • Instructions/Manuals
  • Anything else not listed or photographed