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PADT Phoenix Analysis & Design SCA-1200 3-D Print Support Cleaning Apparatus

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Operating Condition: Working
Physical Condition: Minor scuffing and scratches from normal use along with labels from previous owner

Testing Notes:
Device powers on
Filled device with water, no leaks were detected
Idle temperature of water was around 29 degrees Celsius while ambient room temperature was 30 Celsius
Test ran device for 45 minutes and the device got to a max temperature of 70 Celsius and retained that temperature for an extended amount of time
Drain valve works

Additional Notes:
Device was run for a prolonged period of time to replicate sterilization process and stress test the device
A series of photos were taken during the testing process to document the heat the device was producing to raise water temperatures
As a result of having a quantity, the photos are representative of the item you will receive. Your item will be in the same or better condition as the one shown in the photos
This device will require proper sanitization and cleaning before being used upon purchase

  • 1x PADT Phoenix Analysis & Design SCA-1200 3-D Print Support Cleaning Apparatus

Does NOT Include:
  • Original boxes
  • Cleaning solution(s)
  • Power Supplies
  • Instructions/Manuals
  • Anything else not listed and/or photographed